A student on site at PelotonU in Austin, Texas.
A student on site at PelotonU in Austin, Texas.

A whatever-it-takes approach to help students succeed.

The Postsecondary Success Collective is a collection of nonprofits that recognize the typical college student has changed—and it’s time for college to change, too. That’s why we created a student-centered path to graduation, with flexibility and support built in—so that more people can earn the opportunities that come with a degree.

Why the PSC Model
A student on site at PelotonU in Austin, Texas.

The Postsecondary Success Model

Four simple components that dramatically increase degrees—and the odds of getting a good job.

Digital, self-paced coursework built around students’ lives.

Students enroll in accredited online courses at accredited partner universities that give them credit for the skills they demonstrate in hands-on projects.

Affordable degree programs that reduce the need to take on risky debt.

We’re determined to make college available to every student, and a low price-tag is part of that promise.

Comprehensive coaching for every part of life—not just school.

Rather than ask students to build their lives around school, we tailor our offerings around their busy lives.

Programs connected to the local community and employers.

College degrees should lead to job offers, so we foster relationships with people looking to hire our graduates.

What People Are Saying

Our policies and our graduation rates say a lot about the our blended support model—our students and partners say even more.

At AdvanceEDU, my coach is incredibly encouraging—with everything from mental health to COVID to financial obstacles. Now I can finally envision a successful future for me and my son.

Lesley Del Rio

Student at Southern New Hampshire University through AdvanceEDU, Denver, CO

An AdvanceEdu student with her son
Partnering with New Orleans-area PSC organizations for more accessible learning opportunities has been critical to our efforts to create a ‘skilled-up’ workforce for our city’s employers.

Michael Hecht

President & CEO, Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Because of IDEA-U and Southern New Hampshire University I was able to create a schedule tailored to my personal needs—and at the age of 52, I’ve completed my associates degree and started to pursue my bachelors in Management.

Esther Garza

Student at Southern New Hampshire University through IDEA-U, Weslaco, TX

With Noble Forward, I can set my own schedule that fits around my home life, and when I'm having trouble with an assignment, I can reach out to my coach to get the help I need.

Breira Rosales

Student at Southern New Hampshire University through Noble Forward, Chicago, IL

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